Things to Know About Payment Gateways

Payment gateways transmit the information from a credit card from the store it is being used at to the financial institution that issued the card. Payment gateways are not the machines that you swipe your card into, but are the invisible connections between the machines and the payment source.
Dec 18, 2014 |

Payment Gateways: EWAY Shared For Magento Developers

eWay is a successful and fast payment processing system widely used and preferred by Magento developers. The eWay payment gateway solution is a safe payment gateway for Australian ecommerce market. It is a real-time processing system. Magento developers find this option useful for developing gateways for customer's online store. eWay allows you to...
Dec 18, 2014 |

AT&T 2wire 2701HG-B Basic DSL Wireless Gateway Setup

If you're reading this document, you most likely are on the lookout for on how you can set up your new AT&T 2wire DSL router. Throughout this document I might be using a 2wire 2700HG-B wireless router, but this tutorial may even apply to different routers that 2wire provides AT&T with. The very first thing to do when organising your 2wire...
Dec 18, 2014 |

The Benefits of Using Multiple Checkout Gateways on E-Commerce Websites

If you own an ecommerce website how many payment options do you offer? This is quite an important question because many websites only offer one. You maybe thinking well one is all I need, this is true, you do need some form of payment gateway so that you can sell online and take payment but it that option enough for your customers?
Dec 18, 2014 |

Global Organic Research Network

Aims to serve as a gateway to key initiatives of organic farming research world-wide. The project also hosts homepages of several completed European and international organic farming research projects.
Mar 28, 2016 |


Web390 secure Web server for OS/390, MVS,and VM offers fully secure web site hosting on the mainframe.With native interfaces to RACF, CA-ACF2, and CA-TopSecret, plus full support for SSL,Version 3, Web390 provides an ideal respository for sensitive documents and applications.CGI support for COBOL, PL1, and Assembler allows you topublish HTML using...
Mar 28, 2016 |

Gateway Computers

Select your preferred country or region ,Formerly known as Gateway 2000. Popular desktop and notebook computers. Order from their web site.
Mar 28, 2016 |

Forum Systems

Forum Systems, API Security Management is our focus. The Forum Sentry API gateway enables code-free building of APIs to integrate legacy & modern systems.
Mar 28, 2016 |

Trump visits UN: As a global leader, can the US do more with less?

President Trump has already shaken the post-World War II global order by pulling the United States out of American-led international pacts like the Paris Climate Accords and the Trans-Pacific... Read More

Apple thinks different – and the same – about the ‘town square’

Ten years after Apple made the smartphone “cool,” it wants to turn its retail stores into something warm. It announced last week that the nearly 500 Apple Stores will no longer really be stores... Read More

In South Sudan's capital, a bridge – and a nation – on hold

South Sudan’s largest city needed a new bridge, and a Japanese aid agency was going to build one. “The way the city was growing was unbelievable,” says Justin Tata, the head of the department of... Read More