Web Site Evaluation - 7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you're not a web designer you won't know if your web site has all the correct components to function with maximum effectiveness or that it's ready for marketing. There's no point promoting it if it's full of errors or not optimized for the search engines.
Dec 18, 2014 |

Automating the Evaluation of Web Site User Experience: Collecting Qualitative/Quantitative UX Data

Welcome to the first Part in the "Automation the Evaluation of Web Site UserExperience: Collection both Qualitative and Quantitative User Experience Data" article series. In this series, we are going to talk about best practices, methodology & modeling and more importantly, about both balancing quantity and quality of usability data.
Dec 18, 2014 |

Web Site Evaluation - 16 Point Checklist

So you've just paid big bucks for your newly designed web site but don't know if you received everything you paid for. What you assumed would be included may not be present. This could affect the long term performance of your site.
Dec 18, 2014 |

Web Site Evaluation: What Is It, and Why Do I Need It?

Talk about web site evaluation and many people look at you as if you're speaking another language. Sure, they may have a website, but they've never thought beyond just being sure they have a website . But maybe they're wondering if that website is doing what they thought it would, or what they believe it should do: bring lots of traffic and...
Dec 18, 2014 |

Automating the Evaluation of Web Site User Experience - Both Qualitative and Quantitative

Balancing Quantity and Quality of Usability Data When assessing Web user experience, two major questions arise: what group of users will be studied, and what kind of data will be collected? The answers to these questions are interdependent, as well as dependent on the resources available to the researcher. This interdependence usually results...
Dec 18, 2014 |

Reluctant champion: How Nadia Murad has become the international face of Yazidi suffering – and resilience

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Readers write: The work of downsizing, evidence of climate change, hopeful coverage on famine

Regarding the Aug. 21 Monitor Daily story “Home prices, and a thought shift, give ‘small living’ a boost”: Interesting concept. My friend has done it, downsizing and living in a tiny apartment.... Read More

Time for the world to step up on Rohingya issue, Aung San Suu Kyi’s astounding hypocrisy, Irma’s destruction in Britain’s Caribbean islands, The US should stop saber rattling, On the Nadal-Federer comeback

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