Benefits of Configuration Management Databases in ITIL

A CMDB which is short for Configuration Management Database is one of the most important components of any ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library. A CMDB will mostly contain a large amount if not all of the pertinent information in regards to the organisation's technical components also known as CIs i.e. computer, network equipment,...
Dec 18, 2014 |

Online Database - Key Advantages And Disadvantages

When buying database software, it is important that you carefully assess what you're looking for. You might be surprised that while you were planning on buying a server database, a desktop database might actually suffice. On the contrary, you might also be shocked to find out that you have more needs than what a desktop database can handle.
Dec 18, 2014 |

The Various Aspects of Databases

Known as a data collection program that can be used for several times or a single time, a database is very popular in organizations and enterprises because it is helpful in managing as well as organizing significant data. One of the most common methods used in categorizing it is the use of content type. Other ways of categorizing these include the...
Dec 18, 2014 |

The Pros and Cons of Searching Online Resume Databases

Are you a business owner or hiring manager who has the task of hiring a new employee for a current job opening? If so, you may consider ditching the traditional method of posting job listings online. Many more business owners are now performing their own search by using online resume databases. As with any other method of finding job applicants,...
Dec 18, 2014 |

NewsNow Database Theme

A 24-hour database-specific newsfeed aggregating breaking news headlines from over twenty of the Web's most prestigious sites. Sources include CNET, TechWeb, Wired, The Register, Slashdot,, InfoWorld, and PC Week.
Mar 28, 2016 |

World Wide Internet Publishing Ltd.

We provide expert link building services,coldfusion hosting & programming and search engine optimization and internet marketing website traffic conversion services.
Mar 28, 2016 |

Rietz Enterprises

Custom data base solutions specializing in 4th Dimension. Video Solutions, Life Stories, Photo Montages, Video Editing using Final Cut Pro. Hardware, software, backup strategies, network recommendations, installation, support, and troubleshooting.
Mar 25, 2016 |

USPTO Web Patent Databases

The US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) offers World-Wide Web (Web) access to bibliographic and full-text patent databases.
Mar 25, 2016 |

Nykredit Center for Database Research

Aims to intensify research in database technology in Denmark. Research projects in temporal databases, data warehousing, spatio-temporal databases, and world-wide-web data management.
Mar 25, 2016 |

Database Design Guide

Read an article providing an overview of database designs, web resources, and database listings.
Mar 17, 2016 |

Mckoi SQL Database

Contains old and newly released versions accessible by downloading. Offers outlines of frequently asked questions and the SQL database manual.
Mar 17, 2016 |

Database Management Systems

Offers a course on the basics of relational databases. With downloads and contact information.
Mar 17, 2016 |

DNA database

The Guardian's news and commentary on the operation of the National DNA Database.
Mar 17, 2016 |

ZDNet: Databases

ZDNet's experts talk databases, with new and analysis.
Mar 17, 2016 |

Oracle Database 11g Express Edition

A free entry-level, small-footprint database based on the Oracle Database 11g Release 2 code base. It's free to develop, deploy, and distribute.
Mar 17, 2016 |

National Geochemical Database

Maintains and enhances the National Geochemical Database (NGDB) which consists of the original RASS and PLUTO data from the USGS labs, which are now stored in a common format under the ORACLE relational database management system.
Mar 17, 2016 |

Invertebrate Paleontology Database

Exhibits, education programs, membership, research, collection, event calendar, resources and staff directory.
Mar 17, 2016 |


Products and services on Oracle security with news and events.
Mar 17, 2016 |

Japanese Garden Database

Searchable database of international gardens, suppliers, and designers. Includes plants, organizations, books, articles, FAQs, and glossary.
Mar 17, 2016 |

Reluctant champion: How Nadia Murad has become the international face of Yazidi suffering – and resilience

Weeks earlier, Nadia Murad had been ripped from her village by Islamic State (ISIS) fighters who murdered her family and took her captive. Along with other young Yazidi women, she was transported... Read More

Readers write: The work of downsizing, evidence of climate change, hopeful coverage on famine

Regarding the Aug. 21 Monitor Daily story “Home prices, and a thought shift, give ‘small living’ a boost”: Interesting concept. My friend has done it, downsizing and living in a tiny apartment.... Read More

Time for the world to step up on Rohingya issue, Aung San Suu Kyi’s astounding hypocrisy, Irma’s destruction in Britain’s Caribbean islands, The US should stop saber rattling, On the Nadal-Federer comeback

“It is high time the world made an all-out effort to stop the ongoing pogrom against Myanmar’s minority Rohingya...,” writes Mohammad Amjad Hossain. “The pogrom resembles those crimes perpetrated... Read More