Time Tracking and Other Small Business Software

As a small business manager, it is important to use time wisely and effectively. It is also important to ensure you are getting the proper compensation for time spent on the job. Time tracking software can be especially important for companies that are on the go. In addition to tracking time, small business software can also track the miles an...
Nov 14, 2014 |

Small Business Software

For any business yearning to be more successful, choosing the right business software and installing it can help the company grow by leaps and bounds. This is because; business software applications come with the capability of automating several processes which are otherwise complex and time consuming to be done manually. For a small business, such...
Nov 14, 2014 |

Important Business Software Solution

It is difficult to find a business that does not use a computer to help enhance the work that they do. When you use a computer properly, it not only helps you to get more work done, it helps to increase your accuracy and to reduce the likelihood that mistakes are going to end up costing you dearly. Of course, there are many different software...
Nov 14, 2014 |

How to Choose the Best Yoga Management Software

Administration of the yoga business as the owner of yoga studio or as a teacher could give one happiness in teaching and sharing yoga to the people. But this is business where the owner has to maintain a lot of staffs and teachers in order to make the business running. It is not easy to maintain the finance reports, do marketing and advertisements...
Nov 14, 2014 |

Cardscan Executive Business Card Scanner

Cardscan Executive Business Card Scanner,8"x2-3/4"x9-3/10",BK/SRScan your business cards in seconds using the CardScan scanner, or drag-and-drop contact data from any email or web page. vCardScan software automatically enters the data in the appropriate fields to create an indispensable digital address book. New capabilities let you scan business...
Feb 6, 2015 |

OfficeMax: Software

Shop online for business software solutions.
May 10, 2016 |

Event Software

Software developer specializing in solutions for a wide range of business needs.
May 10, 2016 |

Website integration and property upload

Publishing your properties on your website is very easy with RealtyWare. While RealtyWare is a desktop software, and as such does not depend on your website or the Internet, it allows you to directly upload your properties to multiple websites and property portals as XML feeds. Whenever you have listed any new properties or changed existing ones,...
Apr 18, 2014 |

E-Business and Global Software Solutions

Elix software is an E-Business and Global Software Solutions company which provides Technology Training Programs ,Web solutions and business process automation tools for global enterprises.
May 26, 2008 |

All-In-One Keyword Research Tool

All-in-one keyword research tool for SEOers, affiliate marketers or any Internet marketer who advertises on pay-per-click search engines, such as Google and Overture. This ultimate SEO tool comprises six powerful utilities.
Sep 10, 2007 |

Defiant, Kurds vote in northern Iraq, seeking path to independence

In Erbil, capital of northern Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region, the longstanding dream of statehood has been sold as a done deal. Streets have been lined with billboards in favor of Kurdish... Read More

In Alabama, an early test of anti-establishment mood

“We cannot be bought,” declares B.B. Sellers, as he and his wife leave a sweltering outdoor rally for Roy Moore, the firebrand former judge who has been leading in a tight Republican run-off for US... Read More

Why elections in Europe spring a surprise

Last spring, Europe watched with surprise as a new centrist party in France, En Marche!, defeated the two traditional parties. The election win was a signal that the French want more independence... Read More