Research Papers

Research Paper Template - Tips and Tricks

Research references, bibliographies and indexes should be done concisely and logically so that a single flick of a finger is enough to reach references that readers are searching for. You may miss out a one or two references as that's just human but when you are using a term paper model there are very few chances that something like that can...
Jan 14, 2015 |

College Research Papers - Doing Basic Internet Research

Using the internet for finding sources and information about your research paper subject is a fantastic and efficient way to do a lot of your research. This can be a good supplemental way to source your paper if you are required to use one or more actual books. Be sure to use credible sources. Make a Favorites Folder for saving all of the web links...
Dec 25, 2014 |

Two Major Types of Research Papers

Have you ever heard that writing a research papers has two types? There are two major types of research papers: argumentative and analytical. During the course of your student career, you are likely to come across both of these variants as part of your requirements.
Dec 25, 2014 |

Research Papers - The True Definition

"Research Paper"- the very name conjures up images of hoards of books and journals piled on top of each other as one undertakes the unenviable task of scanning ideas and arguments from numerous different sources.
Dec 25, 2014 |

We Need All Research Papers to Be Dated Regardless of Their Level - It's a Real Problem

Now then, I understand that with the onslaught of new studies and research, along with the cost to produce these studies, reports, and papers, if not the experimentation and research itself, that those universities and R&D groups producing all of these documents want them to be as Evergreen as possible. However, something very troubling has...
Dec 25, 2014 |

How to Write Analytical or Argumentative Research Papers

Research papers can be easily differentiated from personal essays on the basis of the extensive research that is executed before the writing of such papers. Research papers thus act as that creative output in which the writers' personal thoughts and opinions are merged with theories from already established sources. However, the technique used...
Dec 25, 2014 |

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Is it the Kremlin’s turn to get WikiLeaked?

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