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1375 Kemper Meadow Dr, Ste 1
Cincinnati OH 45240
(513) 742-5510
Whether you're gearing up for the High School Entrance Exam, PSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, or the LSAT- trust The Townsend Learning Centers for all of your test preparation needs in the greater Cincinnati area. Unfortunately, to become a test preparation specialist you simply need to say that you are one. There are no solid requirements and even certified teachers are not necessarily trained in test preparation methods. You have to rely on experience, type of preparation offered, and word of mouth information. Townsend has over 30 years of experience, 22 in Cincinnati. We work with many schools, counselors, parents, and even coaches to help students meet their goals. We have prepared many students for the HSPT, the SAT and ACT, and a few even have returned for graduate test preparation. Preparation can be divided into Strategy, Review and Practice. At Townsend, we emphasize strategies, and then use practice to solidify those strategies. We also allow time to review test content if your student needs help with math, reading or English. Normal teacher training does not necessarily qualify a person to teach test-taking strategies. Standardized tests are not the same style as regular school tests and they require special strategies. Teachers need an extensive understanding of not just the content, but also the techniques used by the test makers. Individual preparation can target areas where the student needs the most help. Group preparation works well for typical students who just want to get comfortable with the test.
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