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Types of Electrical Connectors

There are many types of automotive and marine electrical connectors. Some of the common electrical connectors are butt connectors, ring terminals, spade terminals, and quick disconnect connectors.
Jan 2, 2015 |

Identifying Car Electrical Problems

Even though gasoline is the fuel that most vehicles use, each vehicle has an extensive electrical system that not only starts the car, but powers and runs all of the electrical systems. If any component of this complex electrical systems fails of gets faulty, your vehicle could get stopped in its tracks.
Jan 2, 2015 |

Voltage Drop Testing - An Effective Method For Solving Automotive Electrical Faults

For any electrical component to work properly, it must receive the correct current flow. Low current to a light bulb, for example, makes the light dim. Low current to a compressor clutch coil reduces the magnetic field and may allow the clutch to slip or not engage at all. For proper current flow to exist, the circuit must have the correct source...
Jan 2, 2015 |

Do Your Own Small Automotive Electrical Repairs

At the age of plus minus 13, I came across a small, old motorcycle and decided to revamp it all on my own. One electrical mistake made by me, nearly caused that bike to burn to the ground. As it was burning, I tried to pull the burning wires off. Those burning wires caused serious damages and burns to my hands that day.
Jan 2, 2015 |

Preserving the Life of Your Car With Key Automotive Electrical Parts

The automotive industry has certainly embraced modern technology and this has seen the electrical components of a vehicle become a network of complex computer systems, controlling many different aspects of the cars performance. Because of this it is now more important than ever before that you ensure you maintain your car well as any problems with...
Jan 2, 2015 |

Why Electric Cars

The electric car may seem like a modern marvel, it indeed is a marvel, but few of us know that it had its humble beginnings in the 19th century. The technology behind electric cars preceded those of the internal combustion engine found in the most modern cars today. After a century of gasoline driven near environmental collapse, we come back to...
Dec 8, 2014 |

How to Maintain Car Charging Systems and Deal With Automotive Electrical Faults

The sound of your starter motor failing while you are trying to turn over the engine is the last thing you want to hear. This sound usually indicates that there is either a problem with your starter motor, your car battery or the alternator. But what do these car charging system components do and how do you prevent immobilizing problems that leave...
Dec 8, 2014 |

How to Improve Your Automobile with Automotive Electrical Supplies

For many people buying a car is one of the biggest purchases they will ever make, second only to the family home. If you have parted with some well earned cash to invest in a motor vehicle then you will want to make sure that it is well maintained to ensure your safety, the safety of others and the longevity of your automobile. While many people...
Dec 8, 2014 |

Complete Collection of Automotive Electrical Connectors

Whenever your vehicle or job demands you to get hold of an automotive electrical connector, a person don't have time to have. Before you continue with your traveling or your operating, you will have to look for a suitable alternative AEC. How do you know if a different or improved selection of automotive electrical connectors is appropriate to...
Dec 8, 2014 |

Simple Automotive Electrical Repair

Vehicles have gradually seen the incorporation of more electrical and computerized parts as automotive technology has evolved. As automotive electrical systems have become more complex, the malfunctions that they can experience have become more difficult to repair. Understanding which electrical problems are simple to fix could save you or someone...
Dec 8, 2014 |

Bergren Auto Electric

BERGREN AUTO ELECTRIC is in the Automotive Repair Shops, N.E.C. industry in SAN JOSE, CA. This company currently has approximately 5 to 10 employees and annual sales of $500,000 to $999,999. We specializes in all domestic or foreign vehicles. Our services includes air conditioning repair, auto tune-up, tranmission repair, brakes repairs, oil...
Jul 13, 2016 |
985 W Julian St
San Jose CA 95126
(408) 294-8248

Willow Glen Auto Electric

*Tune-Ups *Oil Changes *Computer Diagnostic *Rebuild Starters & Alts *Electrical Problems *A/C & Heating *Fuel Injection *Carburetion *RV's & Marine *Diesels *Brakes
Jul 13, 2016 |
1654 Almaden Rd, Ste A
San Jose CA 95125
(408) 286-5049

Brush-On Electrical Tape Electrical Tape

Brush-On Electrical Tape can make your electrical repairs foolproof. It helps to waterproof connections and is great for hard-to-reach locations. It outperforms electrical tape by sealing out moisture and dirt to eliminate corrosion and forms a tough flexible coating. It is fast-drying, absorbs vibrations and helps prevent terminal screws from...
Jul 1, 2015 |

Quick-Release Sissy Bar Upright - Freewheeler

Add passenger comfort and support to your Freewheeler™ Trike model. Designed to blend with the curved lines of the trunk lid Standard-height polished chrome upright plugs into the Original Equipment docking ports Can be removed in seconds with a simple push of the release buttons One-piece upright accepts most mid-sized or...
May 1, 2015 |

Automotive Connectors 4W MALE HOUSING BLACK

54200409 Delphi Connection Systems Automotive Connectors 4W FEMALE HOUSING BLACK 2.8MM TERM SZ Automotive Connectors Pricing and Availability.
Feb 14, 2015 |

Tian Hai Electric Products Group Hebei Automotive Electric Appliances Factory

Sells processing and testing equipment for automotive companies. Shows product details and corporate profile.
May 10, 2016 |

Iwiss Electric Co.,Ltd

Offers cable accessories, power fitting and heavy duty connectors used for automatic machinery, automotive, low and high electrical distribution.
Apr 11, 2016 |

Barrie Auto Electrics

Auto electrics workshop provides details of services, diagnostics, products, stock, air conditioning, servicing and repairs.
Apr 11, 2016 |

Northallerton Auto Electrics

Automotive repairs and service on all types of vehicles. Also supplies and installs various car accessories.
Apr 11, 2016 |

Wallace Automotive Electrical Services

Automotive electrical business provides details of services, products, promotions, tips and accreditation.
Apr 11, 2016 |

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