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Shopping for High Quality Portrait Art Thailand

Most portrait art lovers will know that some of the most artistic charcoal pencil drawings and oil colour paintings are created by Thai portraitists. Especially Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand houses world-class portrait artists. Many of them can be found at the popular Night Bazaar, ideally located in downtown Chiang Mai within short walking...
Jan 8, 2015 |

Shopping for Art in New York City

New York City is an international hub of commerce, art, and culture, and is the perfect place to jet to when you are thinking of investing in an original piece of art. With its history of being the 'city that never sleeps' and with an over abundance of stimulation for renowned artists, it is no wonder that New York City has well over 100 galleries...
Jan 8, 2015 |

Shopping for Art Cases - Is Cheap Good?

For those that deal frequently with heavy paper work or drawings, buying art cases might be a regular activity. Owing to the cost of purchasing most art cases, it is therefore not feasible or economically viable to invest large amounts in them. For this group of people, their paramount need is preservation and storage of their work - to prevent it...
Dec 30, 2014 |

Advantages To Shopping For Art Online

There are many advantages to shopping for art online, and they range from the many different venues available to the ease with which you can view and compare different pieces of art from all over the globe all in a matter of minutes. Shopping for art work online is also becoming more and more popular because of the ability to pay for the art...
Dec 30, 2014 |

The Seven Steps to Art Licensing Shopping Research

You've probably heard of "Shopping Therapy" before... where you go shopping to ease your troubled mind, get rid of boredom or just to pass the day away. But when is the last time you went shopping as a form of artistic research?
Dec 30, 2014 |

Wooden Art Gifts And Folk Russian Painting in Art Shop Online

Originally Khokhloma wood tableware were produced in monasteries and for the czar court only. At that time Khokhloma tableware production was not large scale. It was because of expensive imported tin. In 1720s after the end of the North War tin flow to Russian increased. The price went down and the material came within reach of many masters. The...
Nov 27, 2014 |

The Online Art Shopping

Online art galleries are basically online stores from which you can purchase the art master pieces of the artists from around the world. These galleries present a collection of the best paintings, sketches, arts and crafts and modern art pieces that would be perfect for your homes or work stations. Art pieces define your personality to some extent....
Nov 27, 2014 |

Everything You Need for Your Art Shopping

ArtSuppliesAustralia is a dominant name in the field of arts supplies Australiawide. From the myriads of names in the art industry, it leads the market by serving the needs of amateur, hobbyist, and even expert artists of a complete array of art materials at the most reasonable price. With existence of more than ten years now, the celebrated art...
Nov 27, 2014 |

Online Art Shopping Is Here to Stay

Convenience, choice and contemptible are the 3Cs of internet shopping (analogous to 3Ps of marketing) that is making such huge wave in emerging economies, including India. In a quest to capture the upbeat boom in the internet shopping experience, many internet companies are investing in millions of dollars. Clearly, there is a shift in the mode of...
Nov 27, 2014 |

Online Art Shopping Is Finding a Number of Customers

This fast-paced life where modern-day homes are screeching for lack in space, every bit of the available space can be made functional whether it is for utility or for making your neighbors envious! Adding that whimsical attitude to a room with the help of some lovely paintings can definitely enable you to define your sense of revving up your home....
Nov 27, 2014 |

Lake View Art Supply

Custom Framing Art Supplies Ready Made Frames. Art Supplies Whether You're A Professional Artist, A Hobbyist Or A Student We Have The Art Supplies That You Need. We Carry Over 3000 Products For A Diverse Range Of Mediums. If You Are Looking For Something That Is Very Unique Or Hard To Find, Let Us Know And We Will Special Order It For You. Custom...
Jun 30, 2016 |
3228 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago IL 60657
(773) 296-6696

Artist And Craftsman Supply

Artist & Craftsman Supply, an employee owned company, has been providing artists with excellent materials at competitive prices since first opening in Yarmouth, Maine in 1985. We now have 18 locations in 13 states. Our stores carry a wide variety of supplies for all types of arts and crafts that are on average 15-20% off of the manufacturer’s...
Jun 30, 2016 |
826 S Wabash Ave
Chicago IL 60605
(312) 583-9990

Utrecht Art Supplies

SpecialtiesAt Utrecht we strive to bring you the broadest selection of fine art materials and supplies at the best possible prices. At our Brooklyn, NY Paint Mill we continually work to produce superior Artists Oil Paints, Artists Acrylic Paints and Artist Watercolors. Our stores are staffed with knowledgeable working artists, eager to help with...
Jun 30, 2016 |
29 S Wabash Ave
Chicago IL 60603
(312) 922-7565

Awakening Avatar

Art Supplies, Drafting Materials, and Foam Board at great prices. Based out of Chicago, specializing in customer service and art supplies.
Jun 30, 2016 |
2417 N Western Ave
Chicago IL 60647
(773) 292-2990

The Spontaneity Shop

Located in London and offering show dates, workshops, profile of the shop, and contact details.
Apr 20, 2016 |

African Shop

Images of African arts, products and publications for sale.
Apr 15, 2016 |

Soho Art

Offering reproduction art and oil painting reproduction.
Apr 15, 2016 |

Art To Inspire

Offers a range of original art by Deborah Roe featuring angel art, seascapes, spiritual pictures, bookmarks, cards and angel gifts.
Apr 15, 2016 |

Murano Glass Shop

Specializes in the art of producing brown glass objects such as bowls, sculptures, and vases.
Apr 15, 2016 |

Artful Custom Framing & Art

Art shop in downtown Burlington offering custom framing and other creative services including web design for small businesses.
Apr 15, 2016 |

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