Why Hosting Your Own Blog Beats Free Blog Hosting

Why Hosting Your Own Blog Beats Free Blog Hosting

Are you still trying to decide if the advantage of #hosting your own #blog outweighs the benefits of free hosting? If so, don't go away for the next five minutes.

99% of the people who are serious about making #money #blogging, and aren't just in it for a quick buck, host their blogs on their own domains. There are a number of advantages to doing that, and we'll have a look at some of them in the following article.

Reasons for hosting your own blog 1: keeping control.

If you have your blog hosted on your own domain you'll have the last word over how it looks and what it says. This gives you the ability to make the blog look like it is part of your overall online marketing effort. This means you can brand it better, and stand out from the crowd. You'll also be able to add and remove any features, and get rid of links leading to other sites that don't benefit your blog or marketing effort.

Reasons for hosting your own blog 2: a rose by any other (domain) name...

After struggling to find the best keywords to use in your #domain name, how annoying is it going to be for you to see that the free blog hosting site makes you add on something that ruins the SEO intent behind it?

Apart from taking away any hope of making the blog seem professional, it'll be a far less memorable name for the people you do get visiting. If they can't remember the name they won't come back; plus, if you have your blog hosted on your own domain it instantly becomes part of the brand you're creating.

Reasons for hosting your own blog 3: branding your blog.

You're trying to create a brand that people will buy into, so why would you decide to give most of the credit to the free blog hosting company that you're using?

As well as being able to style the blog, so it looks and feels like the rest of your sites, you can include the keywords related to your brand or niche in the URL of your blog. You'll want to take as many opportunities as possible to get the brand to stick in the minds of the visitors, as well as taking advantage of the SEO.

Just having fresh and helpful keyword rich content isn't going to be enough if you're then just going to host it on the cheap and let the free blog hosting site get their name in the URL for the blog.

Reasons for hosting your own blog 4: taking care of your own blog security.

Most free blog hosting sites are perfectly OK when it comes to security, but do they have an option where you can download your blog so you can keep a copy of it, just incase something happens to their database?

If anything does go wrong, like losing the contents of your blog, it's so much easier and less time consuming if you can just upload a new copy of it. Are you saving copies of the personal details of the people who sign up on your blog, or buy from you? If you get locked out of your free account and have to start again, will you be able to retrieve those details?

Reasons for hosting your own blog 5: keeping it professional.

Have you ever been to a site that has a number of different styles and wondered if you're still dealing with the same people?

If you're hosting your own blog then you can make it look and feel like the rest of your sales process. The visitor's far more likely to complete the purchase if they don't feel like they've been switched to some other site.

If you're using a free blog hosting site then you're missing out on some of the things that will make your site, your site. You'll be limited to the amount of customisation you can do on it, meaning it wouldn't look and feel like the rest of your sites, and that will break the flow of what you're trying to do.

Go for control; go for professionalism; but most of all, go for hosting your own blog.

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