The Best Shopping Malls In Which To Open A Boutique In Nigeria

The best shopping malls for opening a boutique in Nigeria are those located in urban settings. They are #shopping malls that are located in upscale areas with a large middle and upper class population that can afford to purchase brand name designer clothing, shoes, and handbags, which can be sold at a premium price.

Another advantage of locating your store in an affluent area is that the shoppers who patronize your business will be familiar with the brands which you can sell at a high mark up relative to your costs. Because this is a very fashion conscious society, there is a very strong demand for highly fashionable apparel and footwear.

The following are the top shopping malls in Nigeria:

1. The Palms Shopping Mall. The Palms, located in Lekki, is the largest and oldest premium shopping center in Nigeria. It has become a retail phenomenon since it is not only built to Western standards, but has also introduced for the first time into this corner of Africa many of the shopping experiences found in the United States and throughout Europe. Well known South African retailers such as Game, Shoprite and Nu Metro rented retail space in this shopping mecca, helping attract even more customers to the center. While the rents reflect the expected foot traffic, the benefits of being neighbors to these shopping chains can be very lucrative.

2. Ikeja Mall. The Ikeja has differentiated from the competition by developing a very strong and popular #entertainment center. While it also offers a wide range of upscale shops, its #entertainment offerings attract shoppers from a wide range of ages to its retail tenants. If you locate your shop on its premises you can capitalize on its wide range of clientele by carrying brand name products for all ages.

3. Ceddi Plaza. The Ceddi Plaza is located in the capital, Abuja. The developers of the mall have taken a different approach than the previous two shopping centers. Instead of just focusing on commercial tenants, they have developed office space targeting professional firms. The fact that there are office employees on working on its premises makes this mall idea for Nigerian retails that sell wholesale professional work suits and dresses. In addition, its high class champagne lounge attracts business people looking for a convenient place to meet and celebrate their achievements. These business people can make idea high end shoppers since they have the buying power that can support a high end clothing or shoe boutique.

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Donny Lowy owns a wholesale export company that specializes in brand name designer clothing, handbags, and shoes for Africa, including Nigeria. His warehouse is located in Brooklyn, NY. Donny can be reached directly at 718-389-5502. Learn more wholesale strategies, tips, and business secrets at
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