Shopping for High Quality Portrait Art in Thailand

Most portrait art lovers will know that some of the most artistic charcoal pencil drawings and oil colour paintings are created by Thai portraitists. Especially Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand houses world-class portrait artists. Many of them can be found at the popular Night Bazaar, ideally located in downtown Chiang Mai within short walking distance from several of the best hotels, excellent restaurants, well-stocked shops and lively entertainment venues.

The atmospheric Night Bazaar is one of Chiang Mai's tourist highlights attracting huge crowds of international visitors year-round. The night market is home to spacious arcades which are crammed with retail outlets and street stalls. The area is so packed that many tiny stalls spill over onto the sidewalks around this shoppers' haven. The Night Bazaar comes alive every evening and it's a vast area to stroll around. Therefore it is recommended to at least take two hours exploring the entire market.

One of the most unique gifts available at the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar include lifelike portraits created right onsite by professional and experienced portraitists. Visitors can choose from black and white charcoal pencil drawings as well as colour portraits that come in various sizes. Most art galleries provide the option for tourists having their photo taken. Passionate and skillful portrait artists will turn these photos into lifelike portrait paintings or drawings.

Of course it is also possible to bring one of your most precious pictures along having captured unforgettable moments such as weddings, graduation days, birthdays, family reunions and holidays. Artists here can even create one portrait out of several photos. Very popular as well with tourists are pet portraits, children's portraits, nude portraits, family portraits and newborn portraits. Alternatively, you can have yourself immortalised on paper or canvas in traditional Thai costume.

A number of portraitists offer very cheap rates. However, you should be cautious as most of the painting artists offering low fees didn't enjoy decent art school education. The portraits they produce often lack artistic quality and it is difficult refusing to pay for the 'artwork' when it's completed. To avoid this it is important to observe the portraitist's recent work and to convince yourself of his artistic skills.

Charcoal pencil sketches and canvas paintings created by Chiang Mai's best portrait artists can be ordered online as well. There's a reputed, reliable and efficient online portrait commission service offering high quality artwork. Customers can send their most special pictures via email and within five working days the lifelike portrait will be finished.

Before shipping of the completed portrait order, customers will receive a photo of the work by email, allowing them to review the final result and perhaps request certain modifications. Once the customer is fully satisfied the portrait painting will be shipped, free of charge worldwide! Buying brilliant portraits safely online was never easier, while the rates are very affordable.

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Paul Horstermans recently launched CmPortraitPaintings.Com providing online portrait commission services. Portrait paintings and drawings on offer will be created by experienced and art school graduated portraitists only.
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