Seasonal Changes and Cholesterol Levels

Seasonal Changes and Cholesterol Levels

Physical fitness plays a key role in maintaining acceptable cholesterol levels, but staying fit in the colder months of the year is a challenge for many.

There's a cold wind wind blowing outside. The ground is icy and snow-covered. The Winter doldrums have set in.

The last thing you feel like doing is going out for a power-walk or jog. Even warming up the car for a trip to the gym is a bridge too far.

It's no wonder the highest average cholesterol readings for men is December and for women, January.

There is no doubt that the seasons have an effect on cholesterol levels. It's simply a fact that most people are more physically active in the Summer than the Winter.

People are just not as inspired to stay physically fit when the days become shorter and colder. Also, there are fewer outdoor sports available in the winter. Unless one is a skier, there are not a lot of options if you live in the part of the world that has cold, snowy winters.

As a result, people tend to gain more weight and cholesterol levels rise from the lack of exercise.

If one's cholesterol levels are border-line high, when tested in the winter months, it would be wise to take another blood test in the Summer to see if the levels differ.

An elevated winter cholesterol reading may just be a result of the season and not a true indicator of a person's actual cholestrol levels.

The best way to keep cholesterol levels in check on a year round basis is stay fit regardless of the time of year and to maintain a healthy diet. It's such a simple rule of thumb that a healthy diet and fitness on a regular basis will work wonders, but it's amazing how many people struggle with both diet and fitness.

Sure it can be more of a challenge to maintain your outdoor activities like walking or running when the weather doesn't co-operate, but often it's just a matter of learning how to dress properly.

The extra effort it takes to prepare for outdoor winter activities will be well worth it when you realize how good it actually makes you feel, and just how much it is doing to keep you healthy and fit year round.

It may take more effort to stay physically active in the winter months but the end result makes it well worth it.

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