Paper Crafting, Hand Hobbies And The Possibility Of Meridian Changes

Paper Crafting, Hand Hobbies And The Possibility Of Meridian Changes

Paper crafting is a hobby that, like all scrapbooking genres, allows for the dexterous use of fingers and hands to create something artistic. Comparing this hobby to more hobbies which allow artistic expression through the hands may give some insight into why such hobbies can be valuable.

What hobbies can you think of which have a heavy hand focus as opposed to those which incorporate hand use in a similar quantity to other limb use? Some obvious hobbies include painting, coin collecting, nail art, drawing and some forms of handy-work.

We can look to eastern and other ancient traditions to understand more about the energetic meaning of the hands and how amplifying our dexterity can potentially make differences in our energy, also contributing to differences in ourselves and our lives. The same is true for the fingers. Those, sometimes long, sometimes short, nearly always present limbs play specific roles in our lives. And, interestingly, those who are not born with fingers or hands or, for another reason, do not currently have these limbs can still carry the qualities they represent through the energetic body which represents the physical one.

Understanding the energetic patterns of these aspects of ourselves can possibly provide value in our healing. Importantly, the energetic body, different from the physical one, is said to have energetic equivalents to the physical limbs we have; this is seen as a direct source of characteristics. According to this thinking, every person made of energy has the potential for benefits when the information is available.

What's the information? We can start with the meridians. The system of #reflexology connects and compares parts of the body to each other by identifying energetic patterns.

Reflexology is considered a healing modality that can address the issues within the body. According the this system, the middle finger has a connection to the eyes, lungs and the heart at its' base. And the ring finger has connections to the nose. In reflexology, an awareness of the meridians, or energetic centers, allows for an expansion in potential healing in certain areas.

Interestingly, in the middle of the center and base point of the hands exist meridian areas representing the external and internal reproductive areas. Deciding how to use this information for increased reproductive health could be the next wave of "hobby therapy" for some, especially if this group researched and started the enterprise on their own, creating our first collection anecdotes through personal experience and #exploration. Sometime later, after interest has been built, scientific experiments could eventually explore and #question potential results through traditional means.

The concept of how using these or more other limbs for creative purposes may be interesting enough to launch your own investigation. As you use these limbs with a purpose which involves either healing or amplify a particular characteristic or function of the #body, your results may just surprise you.

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Al Tinas is a writer focused on wellness including the ways paper crafting and scrapbooking go further along on this path. Tinas shares these discoveries on this and other platforms, informing people of their opportunities for paper-crafting with a healing mindset.
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