Make Extra Cash Online Designing With Micro-Job Sites

Make Extra Cash Online Designing With Micro-Job Sites

Recently, I have been talking quite a bit about making money online as a designer. In this article I will be covering ways of making money online as a designer using micro-job sites. As Fiverr is probably the most famous and well-known micro-job site, I will be using it as an example.

Logos to #banners, themes to #backgrounds, the web is full of graphics and images and someone has to make them. Here's 6 ways you can make on Fiverr from your designs

Design Forum Signatures

Forums are very well-known on the Internet so I don't think they need much explaining. But, Forum Signatures may be unknown territory to a few.

#Forum Signatures are footers found towards the end of a forum post which you can usually customise via profile settings. Forum signatures can be customised using plain text or using #HTML and BBcodes, but this depends on which forum software the webmaster uses, and how it is set it up.

Forum signatures are the perfect place to advertise your business, company, blog... anything! More and more people are seeking low-cost designs for advertising needs and I think this is one area that is yet to be properly utilised. If you have knowledge of Photoshop and forums this will be perfect for you.

Design Avatars or Profile Pictures

Similar to forums, I don't think Avatars and Profile pics need much explaining. Lots of people try to incorporate their brand into their social networking profiles but don't have the capability or funds to produce high quality, high impact designs. That's where Fiverr and other micro-job sites fill a gap in the market, but they can't fill the gap without designers.

YouTube Background Design

I haven't had the opportunity to get into YouTube design as much as I would like, but I have come across some YouTube profiles that have made me want to watch from the design alone. If you have an eye for design and branding this could be a very profitable gig to try.

Design Facebook fan pages

Just like the above, Facebook design is an area of the Internet that is not properly utilised. If you've been on Facebook for a while you would have seen the various designs people have come up with. Remember, some people don't have the design skills you do, micro-job sites are a great way of getting quality graphics at an affordable price.

Software box cover design

Software is being created at an astonishing rate and someone needs to create the logos, the websites, the branding etc. Why not help people out by providing high quality box cover designs at an affordable price. If you market your product right you will get a ton of orders.

PSD to HTML conversion

Plenty of people can use Photoshop and come up with brilliant website mock ups, but a lot of them can't code their designs into HTML and CSS, let alone into a WordPress theme. If you have skills that allow you to do this, why no share them with people over at Fiverr and maybe make a nice profit.

Tips: If you are going to use Fiverr to make cash from your designs, make sure that you join as many of the other micro-job sites as you can. This will increase your chances of making a sale.

If you know you won't have access to the net for a while, suspend your gigs. This will prevent negative feedback from not completing orders on time.

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