Learn How to Write an Annotated Bibliography the Most Trouble-Free Way

Learn How to Write an Annotated Bibliography the Most Trouble-Free Way

You have completed your dissertation successfully but still a difficult task is yet to complete... citations!

Don't know how to get started?

Just read on...

Various students find it off-putting the first time they are asked to write a reference list. Dread not - not only is it much less daunting than you might assume, but we have compiled a list of the most significant pointers on how to write a bibliography. Don't stop reading till you get on your path to the finest dissertation citation process...

The annotation generally contains a short synopsis of content and a small assessment. Depending on your project you may be asked to replicate, summarize, review, and evaluate the source.

The reason of annotations is to give the reader a review of the source. So, to write a triumphant annotation, every summary must be short and snappy. An annotation should exhibit the source's central thought(s) and provide the reader with a broad idea of what the resource is about.

An annotation ought to contain the inclusive bibliographic information for the reference. It should also comprise some or all of the following:

1. Details about the credentials of the author.

2. Key reason of the effort.

3. Any obvious partiality.

4. intentional addressees and level of reading

5. A precis remark

How to write it? by means of a separate line for every fresh content listed, just write out the particulars of each of your contents in the following manner: writer (family name, initials), time of publication, label of book (in italics or underlined), version (if there are more than one), publisher, place of publication.

Style of writing:

There are quite a few various accepted modes of writing a reference list, which have trivial distinctions on the information included and the sequence in which it is presented. The technique illustrated above is a standard, commonly accepted design, but when you are writing a reference list make certain you confirm accurately what stylistic requirements are predetermined by the University. Keep in mind, one of the most significant instructions on writing a reference list is to stay consistent - whatever style you prefer, stick to it the whole time and keep it same for every reference.


This is the next step in how to write an annotated bibliography. Test out the reference list for any errors. Verify it for grammatical mistakes. Make sure you have used proper quotation marks on the start and end of a quoted sentence. There shouldn't be any spelling mistakes, and all the sources should be mentioned. Your content should be understandable and reasonable. And all the questions brought up during the research should be answered properly.


A reference list provides your dissertation with trustworthiness. Try to cite appropriate references as they may become the deciding element whether your dissertation is accepted or rejected.

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