Keeping Your Garage Secure

Keeping Your Garage Secure

People tend to use their garage for one of two things; either they store their car in there, or they store other possessions to save room in their home. A car is probably one of your most valuable possessions, and losing it is also a huge inconvenience for your day-to-day life. According to insurance provider Aviva, meanwhile, when other possessions are stored in a garage they have an average combined value of 13,500 per household. With this kind of value locked up inside, it is well worth taking steps to improve your garage security.

Garage Door Locks

The locks that normally come fitted with standard up-and-over garage doors are, unfortunately, often not the best option. Upgrading or replacing your garage door to have a better form of lock will often drastically increase security.

Alternatively, it may be easier to combine this lock with a second, different type of lock. A simple bolt, for example, can make it significantly harder to break into a garage. A strong sturdy bolt fixed to the garage door, combined with a suitably secure padlock, will do a lot to prevent thieves gaining entry to your garage. It will also be highly visible, providing a deterrent effect. A "defender," while not strictly a lock, serves a similar purpose. This takes the form of a removable barrier to prevent the door from opening, secured with a padlock to a rectangular plate attached to the ground.

Security Lighting

It takes time to break into a garage, and this means that thieves will be standing around for a while and clearly acting suspicious. They prefer to have the cover of darkness as they do this for obvious reasons, minimising the danger they will be seen and caught while trying to gain entry. A security light will deprive them of this luxury and encourage them to move on.

As well as making them visible, a security light suddenly coming on in the dark of night will also get the attention of anybody who happens to be around. This will undoubtedly discourage potential thieves, as they know that anybody who happens to be passing or even looking out of their upvc window will suddenly be looking right at them.

Alternative Doors

The traditional "up and over" garage door is by far the most common, yet it is not the most secure. If you want to achieve the very highest level of garage security possible, it might be worth considering an entirely different kind of door for your garage.

Doors that do not open directly inwards are usually best, as these are harder to open by force. An example would be barn-style doors which swing outwards on each side. Alternatively, a more space-efficient option is a roll-up garage door. Again, the fact it is not designed to open directly inwards makes it harder to break into by force.


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