Importance of Java Script Charts in Stock Trading

Importance of Java Script Charts in Stock Trading

Have you ever come across a stock trading chart? Have you seen charts automatically shooting up and sliding down? Those are self-updating stock charts and probably having JavaScript at their core.

Every stock trader knows what chart means to stock trading. You can't even set a single foot forward without proper charting tools. Charts allow a stock trader to gauge market depth and market pulse. Before entering into any trade you need to consult charts; before closing the trade you need to check charts.There are two basic types of charts, static and real-time. Static charts are, as the name suggests, do not change over time. So, they are of limited use to any trader. Real-time charts are actually useful. This is because they refresh or update charts with every change in different stock market variables, like, price, volume, trades etc. These charts are often known as self-updating charts.

Inherent benefits of Java have made this language popular for real-time self-updating stock market charts.

Basic advantages of JavaScript Charts

1. JavaScript Charts work at clients' end

This is, we believe, the most significant benefit. As JavaScript codes are executed on client-end processors, it does not clog bandwidth. That means low latency with self-updating charts. Besides, they save web-servers from extra processing load. Even when you face sudden hike in users, server doesn't feel that heat. You don't need to worry with sudden spike in update rates.

2. Platform independent and easier to handle

JavaScript charts are easily scalable and platform independent. That means you can use them on different platforms like, phones, computers, tablets without much difficulties. You don't need any extra tool also for writing JavaScript codes. Simple HTML editor is sufficient. That saves money.

3. Data structure oriented language

As an object-oriented language Java is inherently suitable for charting applications. Besides handling JavaScript is comparatively easy as the syntax in Java resembles common English words.

4. Compatibility with other website functions

JavaScript also comply with and support many third-party add-ons. You just need to develop or get those third-party snippets and implement within JS framework. It makes webpage more functional.

Having said all these, it's not that JavaScript charting is completely fail-safe. Major problem with JavaScript charts is browser-dependency. In fact, this problem has made JavaScript charts often inefficient; especially when you don't have to tab one user's browser choice. However, advancements in browser level flexibility (especially with widespread penetration of chrome and Firefox) have made this problem less intense.One can install Java Charts for data presentations from chart makers like Fusioncharts, Anychart and Zingchart.


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Ritika is a self-published author on PHP and other charts for web applications. In this article she has given us a brief insight into the highlights of JavaScript Charting.

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