How To Buy UPC Codes

How To Buy UPC Codes

Universal Product Code or UPC refers to the string of numbers below barcodes appearing on products of purchase. The numbers are very important to Amazon sellers as all the items that are listed on the marketplace have their specific numbers associated with them. Most of the products in stores now have UPC codes provided by their respective product manufacturers. The product manufacturers need to source these barcodes and symbols before they can stamp them on the products.

Any business that wishes to sell wares to large retailers for resale needs to have a universal code. It is a striped black and white identification tag that appears on all kinds of products from food stuffs, toys and even electronics. The numbers make it very simple to track products in inventory systems and are used in all parts of the world.

Buying UPC codes

The numbers that are found within the bar codes are known as GSI identification keys. They are assigned solely by GSI. This is a non-profit group which sets global commerce standards and is based in the US. To get your UPC codes, you will need to first become a member of GSI. The membership will cost you an initial fee of $750 and then you will also be required to pay an annual fee of $150. The calculations are done based on the annual revenue the business makes. The fee can also be determined by the amount of unique products that you have and need codes for.

After you have applied to be a member, it will take approximately five days for it to be processed. You will then be assigned your identification number and it will be unique and reserved globally for your company use. It is this number that you will now use to create your company identification code. You will need different UPC barcodes for each type of products that you are selling. The bar codes reflect product weight, size and cost. Therefore, there is a need to have unique numbers.

Scanners are now used mostly on checkout counters in retailing centers. The scanners require codes on the merchandise to make the process easy and accurate. Companies which need the bar codes simply for tracking and inventory without the need to sell products to retailers for reselling do not need to get the GSI numbers to enjoy the convenience of the codes.

Large businesses:

If you run a large business which sells products to retailers, then you might find it very necessary to go through the GSI process to have the UPC code that you require for the products.

Small businesses:

Smaller businesses that find the GSI membership fees too hefty have other options. If you are one such business, you can choose to use UPC Code resellers. They will usually buy the codes in bulk from GSI and then resell them at much cheaper rates. It is however important to note that the first five digits will always represent the reseller you are buying the codes from

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