How to Become a Digital Forensic Specialist

How to Become a Digital Forensic Specialist

A Digital forensic specialist is someone who analyses the digital crime scene in case of cyber attacks and malicious intrusions in order to find the criminal and prove their involvement. Just like a regular forensic specialist, their digital counterparts analyze the smallest bit of evidence and use it to construct a foolproof case against the culprit. Evidence in case of a digital crime includesIP addresses, small footprints left when the hacker tried to access or change something, and more. A degree in computer forensics, criminal justice or engineering is a must in order to pursue a career in this profession. You will also need to attend formal training in order to become a digital forensics specialist.

Steps needed to become a certified digital forensics specialist

There are a number of universities that offer a formal program which you can take to become a forensic specialist. Similar courses can also be found online and can help you master the basics of this program, but courses offered at colleges are generally preferred since they use a more hands on approach and provide formal training that is more structured, and therefore more useful.

The most popular certifications for anyone interested in a career as a digital forensic specialist are:

  • Certified Computer Forensics Examiner Certification
  • Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator Certification
  • Certified Electronic Evidence Collection Specialist
  • Certified Forensics Analyst
  • Certified Computer Examiner Certification

There are a number of specialties within the domain of digital forensics, and depending on your interests, you can pursue either one of them. The main purpose of these courses is to prepare experts who can handle cyber crimes or cyber attacks. Since computers have become commonplace today, crimes that are committed using them have increased as well, so these courses will create a well trained force of forensic experts who can handle such crimes and track the criminals.

What you will learn during digital #forensics training program

These #computer #forensics programs will teach you how to hone your investigation skills, track potential culprits more effectively, how to find the clues, how to handle the evidence you discover properly, and the many policies regarding computer crimes that you need to be aware of. Becoming a Certified Forensic Analyst will ensure that you are able to help law enforcement agencies stay ahead of cyber criminals, and can prove to be a great career for you as the field of digital forensics grow even further.

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