How Retail Manipulation Takes Place

Manufacturers, in order to generate more sales, tolerate #retail manipulation by stores. #Retail manipulation commonly focuses on how sell a specific product beyond the needs of a consumer. The responsibility to sell products is now being transferred to the retailing store.

The actual interaction between buyer and seller takes place in a retail store, that's why there will be more focus on manipulation in retailing outlets. Some stores have a tricky floor layout to manipulate the buying behavior of consumers. There are also some tricky sales talks that will make you happily buy a certain product even if it is beyond of your needs.

You will notice this kind of practice in some major retailing store. One technique of their manipulation is to trick consumers by keeping up a fake website via intranet. The trick here is if a potential buyer found a pretty attractive price in their website, they will go to the store to found that specific product. But, the salesperson will checkout the item into the fake website inside the store and will show to the customer that the limited price offer has already gone up.

#Retail manipulation also includes deceptive price tags. For example, for Apple's famous iPhone, you will notice that on their website the price of their latest iPhone starts from $99 only. Pretty cheap right? But as you go further in your shopping you will notice that the iPhone that is being sold by $99 must be attached with 2 year AT&T locked-in subscription plan. The bad thing here is, you can't get an iPhone with other mobile services aside from AT&T unless you unlocked it.

Another example is in appliance store, you'll be approached by a salesperson that is promoting HD televisions. They will feed your mind with the idea that you will have an extreme viewing experience using HD televisions. But in order to achieve the best movie experience with your HD television, the salesperson will recommend that you buy a Blue-ray disc player also. High definition viewing capability doesn't reside within the television itself but its compatibility with HD movie players or HD cable services.

Unlike any other kind of manipulation, #retail manipulation is more powerful because this is where the actual consumers are willing to spend their money to satisfy their needs or or obtain their pleasures. Most of us might already notice these methods being employed, but we still participate in these kind unfair systems.

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