Home Medical Supplies for Bariatric Patients


Home Medical Supplies for Bariatric Patients

If you haven't tried bariatric #surgery as a means of shedding excessive pounds, chances are you know someone who has. According to a recent CNN Health article, "In the early 1990s, #approximately 16,000 people a year were undergoing bariatric surgery. By 2004, that number had jumped to 135,985 cases per year." The 2011 ACS study cited by the news report indicated that "since then, surgeons have (continued to see) a steady number of (bariatric) patients." What's more, "early (bariatric surgery) numbers for 2013 suggest another uptick" in the number of individuals electing to try the weight loss surgical procedure.

The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing points out the benefits and risks associated with bariatric surgery, the latter of which has declined significantly to about 0.1% since such operations were first performed. One thing that has not gone away, however, is the need for post-operative care. And home medical supplies are an integral part of this care.

Chief among these follow-up issues is caring for the wound, which the journal points out is of "paramount importance" following surgery. It goes on to state that a bariatric operation "constitutes major abdominal surgery and potential exists for the typical postoperative complications... (like) surgical-site infection." A reputable provider of home medical supplies will carry a range of bariatric products. By availing themselves to such a provider, patients can ensure they heal properly, thereby reducing their risks of such infections, even after they leave the hospital setting and head home.

Because it is so crucial to the bariatric patient's recovery, the journal devotes an entire section to addressing wound and skin care. The wound and skin care products needed for proper at-home treatment can also be obtained through a provider of home medical care supplies. How much attention much be paid to caring for the wound will depend on its size. Obviously, the smaller the incision, the more quickly it will heal. But one thing is clear, "With increasing size comes the need for greater attention to skin care."

How does one handle this issue? "Cloth or gauze placed in skin folds can reduce the occurrence of irritation and fungal rashes," the American Journal of Critical Care stresses. And a provider of home medical supplies is where these patients can turn for name brand wound care gauze.

The issues requiring home medical supplies don't stop there, however, for bariatric patients. The critical care journal adds that "urine and fecal incontinence are (also) common (problems arising post-surgery) because of the large abdomen impinging on the bladder and bowel." Fortunately, as the abdominal swelling goes down and the bariatric patient begins to lose weight these incontinence issues tend to go away.

Whether it is a large wound requiring skin care, temporary incontinence necessitating adult briefs, underwear or pads, or therapeutic bariatric devices like folding commodes, rollators and transfer benches, bariatric patients can find all the home medical supplies they need to get well fast online. What's more, they'll discover all the trusted brands their doctors recommend like Tranquility, Covidien, Drive Medical, Select and Attends.

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