Home Building Codes - Following Local & Universal Codes is Essential For the Owner Builder

Home Building Codes - Following Local & Universal Codes is Essential For the Owner Builder

To most people, it's a foreign #language. Home building codes and #terminologies are just not something you work with every day. But, don't let that blow you out of the water. Would you truly like to be an owner builder and build or remodel your home?

Question: What do I do if I don't know all the building #codes?


Potential Owner Builders often have this concern. After all, they are probably not builders and have little, if any, practical experience. Certainly, they cannot learn all there is to know about building codes and proper building practices, can they?

No, it's just impractical to expect that. So, how is this overcome?

Following Building Codes Requires Professionals

There are several ways that Owner Builders can ensure this does not become an issue for their building and remodeling projects. It's not nearly as difficult to solve as many think ... as long as important steps are taken.

Here are some of the solutions that will work well for you:

  • Professionally drawn and engineered house plans take local and universal codes into account
  • Local governmental building departments and professional inspectors review your progress as the home is being built
  • Owner Builders are advised to use licensed framers and other subcontractors who follow the plans and know the building codes
  • Owner Builders can also use a Home Building Coach to help them inspect the work provided by subcontractors.

With these protections, the concern over lack of building knowledge and not following codes becomes a mute point.

Your Quality Will Not Suffer

As you can see. It's not about what you know, it's about who you know. And, of course, getting those professionals involved at the right time and in the right places. These home building professionals are available. Use them.

Owner builders, with this help, can build a high quality home with confidence ... and save money at the same time!

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