Fireworks Laws in Michigan - Fireworks in the News - Are They Legal? Unemployment News!

Fireworks Laws in Michigan - Fireworks in the News - Are They Legal? Unemployment News!

As we scan the previous year in the Michigan legislature of bills introduced to help the recovery efforts of a state in turmoil, we take notice that not one bill has been introduced in the aiding of the state's dire needs for the road of recovery.

The fireworks bills is merely a slap in the face to all fireworks companies operating in the state of Michigan. This very bill being sponsored by a Michigan fireworks wholesaler operating in Lansing, clearly has only one intent. The question is the trade off if any being offered to the party for the introduction and support of this bill. This same fireworks wholesaler operating in Indiana in the first week of May, sponsored a fireworks demo shoot, where virtually hundreds of vehicles with Michigan license plates filled their parking lot, loaded their vehicles with the fireworks by the cases and headed back into Michigan. In many of these vehicles were cases of those same fireworks that go "Boom" and "Leave the Ground". It would make one wonder why someone would knowingly allow and support such activities while sponsoring a fireworks bill to the people of the state of Michigan.

Fireworks in Michigan, is it a good idea? What is in it for me? Really raises many questions in this matter. After review of other states fireworks laws, would Michigan be a prime candidate for fireworks dealers to do business in and be competitive? How many jobs, if any, would it create? How many jobs would be lost, if Michigan fireworks laws were changed? Wow, so many questions, with few or no answers. Who is behind all this? What is the payoff?

The people would like to know.

Those who have been "chosen" to sell fireworks in Michigan raises another question. If you are involved in the United Way you can sell fireworks. Your license is this much...Recently the salary of the person running the Red Cross (a division of the United Way) was over $400,000 per year, so is this "Non Profit"? If twenty years ago you were convicted of selling marijuana, sorry you cannot be involved in a fireworks company. America? A past president of our country (the United States) admitted to smoking marijuana on national television, he had to get it from someone. Oh, let us all not forget that he did not inhale! Or is it that all cops are bad cops due to one cops actions? After all, that cop could never be a good cop again, right? Wow, America, turning left from the right hand lane!

Fireworks laws and Michigan, the current laws in effect today date back into the 1930's with several little revisions which clearly show, a system that has maintained and prevented many tragedies. Are fireworks that go bang and leave the ground legal in Michigan today? Yes and No, if you have a local permit, Yes. If you do not have a local permit, NO. Who can get a permit to shoot 1.4g consumer fireworks that leave the ground and go boom. Competent adults that can produce a liability insurance policy, that is it. That is what it takes to get a permit to shoot the fireworks in Michigan that everyone is having a fit over. Are fireworks illegal in Michigan? Ask the media, they seem to leave out off the pertinent information when they talk about fireworks. If you really want to get technical about fireworks laws in Michigan. The current Michigan fireworks law suggests that anyone dealing with caps is breaking the law. The compounds used in "Caps" are illegal under current Michigan Fireworks Laws. So if you really want to pick apart a state law that is contradictive, start with this one. Yes, folks, if you are selling, buying or using "Caps", you could be considered a "criminal" subject to fines and imprisonment. Wow, fireworks in Michigan. Michigan's fireworks laws!


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