Disney Trading Pins - A Fun And Rewarding Hobby

There are a lot of #interesting #hobbies out there that allow you to #collect different things. Collecting Disney trading pins is one of those and one of the most interesting and fun to do. There are so many of these pins to choose from that you are bound to find many that you like and want to collect. There are literally thousands of them. And they cover so many different themes and subjects. You can collect pins that depict Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and a multitude of other Disney characters. There are pins that depict scenes and characters from the #Disney #animated films. Since there have been so many animated features you can imagine there are just a myriad of Disney trading pins covering the #movies. There are also pins that are related to holidays, theme parks, Disney attractions, special Disney anniversaries, and so many more. The point is you will not get bored in collecting these pins.

Deciding which subject matter you want to get is just half the fun. The other side of the coin is actually collecting and trading them. You can trade the Disney trading pins you have for other pins in the Disney theme parks. You can trade with cast members (Disney employees, as they are called), or with other guests. What you have to do is look for someone who is wearing a lanyard decorated with Disney trading pins. This is an indication that this person is open to trading. Then what you do is approach this person and look to see which pins they have on their lanyard. If they happen to have a pin that you are interested in, all you have to do is offer one of the pins you have on your lanyard for trade. Now if the person you want to trade with is a Disney cast member, there is no problem. They will trade the pin you want with one of yours. But with a fellow guest it is up to the guest if they want to trade the pin you want. They will most probably only trade if you have a pin on your lanyard that they want. But this is a great way to talk with other people and have fun while doing so.

Once you have your pin collection, it is also enjoyable to figure out how to display them. There are multitudes of ways to display your Disney trading pins. You can show them off on your lanyard, on a bulletin board, on a long scarf, in display cabinets, etc... Once your collection is huge enough to display it is fun to look at them and see all the different pins with their multitude of colors and shapes. Your collection will never be complete because new pins are always coming out and you will want to collect those. Plus you may decide certain pins you have you do not want any more and will want to trade those for others you do not have. Yes, collecting Disney trading pins is a really fun #hobby.

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I love Disney trading pins and have been collecting them for many years. If you would like more information on collecting and trading Disney trading pins, then please go to http://www.disneytradingpinsonline.com. This site has many articles on how to get started on your pin collection, which pins to choose, and how to trade them in the Disney theme parks.
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