Consumer Information about Acura RDX

Consumer Information about Acura RDX

The model has its own graceful and original shape. Predatory "sight" of the blinked headlights, an overlay-spoiler of a forward bumper with antifog details, impetuous structure with smooth concave and convex sides, forages with magnificent hips - the dandy, nothing to say more! But flat muzzle is taken apparently from another car… Honda sport-style combines with functionality of business-sedans.

Black rudder with silver inserts and numerous buttons is very comfortable. Cruise-control, a radio tape recorder and phone are operated from a steering-wheel. Drowned devices-wells casting by violet-dark blue light are well looked between its core and the top part of a rim. Looks like new Civic. In a soft driver's seat it is possible to take seats very conveniently. An armchair trimmed by light leather is supplied by a wide range of electroadjustments, lumbar and lateral supports. The passenger should be content with mechanical adjustments - all in four positions. As well as a rudder, the central console and the top part of torpedo are executed in black-grey tones. Its bottom part is trimmed by light plastic. Nicely, Americans are more accustomed to such coloring. All buttons are pressed, all functions are regulated.

Some times ago Honda declared that could build powerful and economic motors without any pressurization. It was right until their engines actuated small city cars. But it's not enough for four-wheel drive vehicle. Acura engineers could get rid of a typical turbo-problem - "failure" of the twisting moment before the beginning of work of a supercharger. The turbine of low pressure is quickly untwisted, does not give failures, but also does not provide an effective gain of power on "tops".

Acura has made two things in one: the special valve changes geometry of the turbine depending on turns of the engine. There is one input in the turbine on "bottoms" of the engine, the valve opens second "door" on high turns.

How can one prove it? Very simply - just press foot-throttle into a floor. Engine of Acura RDX responds instantly on a pedal of gas. The car darts off. Then goes equal dispersal. Other turbine motors would interrupt acceleration by a pause. But RDX engine drives a car persistently forward. When the arrow of a tachometer crosses a mark in 4 000 rev/min, the motor is softly strengthening an impact. It is so good, that Honda has passed on turbomotors! It is a pity they put such motors only on Acura.


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