Blog Hosting

Blog Hosting

The world of #web #hosting is diverse and will take tens of thousands of lines to write a comprehensive article. So for the purpose of bloggers I will focus on the different options available out there to host your #blog.

Basically there are two options available to #bloggers:

  1. Hosted option - Which are free
  2. Self Hosted option - You Purchase #Hosting

Let us look into them.

Hosted Blogging Option

This is the kind of hosting where you are not allowed to pay anything for your blog, you use their platform and you can upload multimedia and other text on but you don't own the platform.

Bloggers are always at the mercy of the platform owners, if you violate any of the terms they will end and take down your blog. You are also limited to using their names in your URL.

Most of these companies will not allow you to place banner ads on their platforms hence the options for making money with your blog are limited.

These are the two most popular hosted platforms you can use as a blogger:

  • #wordpress dot com
  • blogger dot com

Self Hosted Platform

With a self hosted platform you have to buy hosting, from some of the companies and then install blogging software. This option allows you control over your blog, you may choose to have thousands of blogs with your own custom domains and always play by your own rules.

There are different options when it comes to self hosted plans, for instance there is shared hosting and dedicated hosting. With shared hosting your blog is in the same server with many other blogs but you are allocated a specific folder where your blog content will be hosted. This is the kind of hosting for you and me bloggers.

Dedicated hosting is where you buy or lease your own server and you have the entire server to yourself, no other websites or blogs will live in your server. Some allow you to visit the company and do maintenance tasks to your server. This kind of server is for large companies and governments.

Many new bloggers are always given the first recommendation to try the hosted option since it is free and you will use it to taste the blogging waters then you can migrate or move on to the self hosted option.

I hope you find the article useful when you are planning for your blog, as I close I will not forget to mention that, if you want success with your blog I suggest you try self hosted and learn as you go it is the best choice I ever made.

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