Bar Codes and Bar Code Scanners

Bar Codes and Bar Code Scanners

For the benefit of various industrial operations and in order to track of the retail item's price, shipments, management of documents and for various logistic and for other organization's operations, the IT consulting companies developed the bar #code system. It has made the transaction of the product quick and accurate. For example: If a soda bottle has been purchased, the counter person, will scan its code, and all the information of the bottle i.e. its price, quantity et al will be displayed on the cash register on the computer. It automatically subtracts the quantity purchased from the quantity-in-hand.

Now, for the computer to understand and use the information of the bar code, it requires a reader that decodes and sends the data to the computer. There are different types of readers available for this purpose.

1. Pen type readers - It consists of a light source and a photo diode placed near to each other in the tip of a pen. The user passes the pen tip across the code, and the photo diode measures the intensity of the light reflected back from it. Following which, it generates a waveform corresponding to the widths and spaces in the code. The reader sends the information to the decoder which forwards this to the computer in the form of data. It is a durable and an inexpensive reader, but requires practice to scan perfectly.

2. CCD (Charge couple device or LED scanner) - It features numerous tiny LED lights which are shot into the code. The sensor measures the voltage of the light which provides the digital snapshot of the code. The LED lights are highly expensive, but at the same time, this reader provides a highly accurate data.

3. Laser - This equipment utilizes the laser beam as a light source. A reciprocating mirror or a rotating prism is employed to scan the beam to the code. The diode measures the reflection, which is translated into a digital readout data and sent to the computer.

4. 2D Camera - Some codes are different from the standard ones. Instead of line and bars, it consists of spaces, white and black in a two- dimensional target. For this, camera based equipments are used. They use a camera to capture the code image as the light flashes and, decode it using a digital image processing technique.

The above described readers are used by numerous #industries, but apart from them, there are other types available. To mention, the wireless scanner, wearable and hand-free reader, and portable data terminals. A #software development company, develops numerous systems as per the organization's operational needs.

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