A Closer Look at Some of the Important Aspects of Forensic Science


A Closer Look at Some of the Important Aspects of Forensic Science

The subject of numerous hit TV shows like "Criminal Minds," "Law & Order" as well as "CSI," forensic science easily catches the attention of many people because of its various interesting aspects and procedures. Likewise, it plays a highly important role in society, especially when it comes to unsolved and mysterious cases. Let's take a closer look at its definition as well as other interesting things about it.


According to the dictionary, forensic science deals with the process of recognizing, identifying, individualizing and interpreting physical evidence. After that, the important aspects of medicine and science will be used to process such evidence for the purposes of civil law and criminal administration. It makes use of various scientific disciplines including physics, chemistry and biology. Add to that, it also considers other important fields such as psychology, geology as well as computer science. Every crime scene is searched for impressions, traces of tissues and chemicals. Other important elements to consider are substances and objects left at the scene of the crime.

Examining Biological Traces

Biological traces play a very huge role in this important field of science. Suspects, surviving victims and the deceased person are searched for all-important traces, which can actually help in the successful solving of crimes. These traces include semen, hair and blood, which can be helpful in extracting DNA, which will be used for comparative analysis. DNA is highly important in solving mysterious cases because it can really help identify people, even those whose state are beyond recognition. Hair, nails and skin are excellent sources of DNA. Likewise, chewing gums, cigarette butts and bloodstains are amongst the most sought after biological traces.

Examining Chemical Traces

Quantitative and qualitative analyses are performed on chemicals to help solve crimes. Soil samples, fibers and gunshot residues can help a lot in forensics. In addition, forensic scientists can also analyze fire debris, paints and drugs. To help solve fire-related crimes and incidents, it is good to look at different kinds of elements such as gasoline and kerosene.

Analyzing Physical Evidence

In addition to chemical traces and biological traces, it is more important to look at all the available physical evidence. Handprints, footprints and fingerprints belong to this category. Moreover, tool marks, cut marks and tire marks can also be very helpful in forensics.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

When analyzing biological samples, the important method is polymerase chain reaction. After that, the results will undergo gel electrophoresis. Other valuable methods in forensics include liquid chromatography, gas chromatography and solid-phase micro-extraction. Forensics has various subdivisions such as digital forensics, criminalistics and computational forensics. Other notable fields include forensic DNA analysis, forensic archaeology and forensic anthropology.

Forensic geology analyzes trace evidence found in petroleum, minerals and soils. Meanwhile, forensic entomology examines different kinds of insects, particularly those that can help solve crimes. This kind of science is the major focus of numerous television shows such as "American Justice," "The New Detectives" and "Forensic Files." Additionally, thrilling and exciting programs like "Waking the Dead," "Silent Witness" and "The Mentalist" are great shows to watch especially for those who wish to learn more about this all-important field of science.


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